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Oor Wullie Your Wullie A'body's Wullie


Susan was approached to design one of the 5 ft tall Oor Wullie sculptures for the Dundee public art project which ran from the end of June to the end of August.  There are 55 sculptures in total and each one was sponsored and decorated by artists and designers and put on show around the city.  The pieces were all to be auctioned off and the proceed will go towards the Archie Foundation (Tayside Children's Hospital Appeal).

Susan's Willie was given a wonderful position in Dundee Docks next to The Unicorn.  Her piece is entitled Oor Rabbie, The Bard and The Bucket.  This fantastic Wullie brings together two Scottish icons, Oor Wullie and Robert Burns.  Both inspirational in their use of the Scots language.  Together they make the perfect Scotsman with wit, ingenuity, humour,  passion, romance, mouses and dungarees!  

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