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Susan's Oor Wullie is a hit at the Auction


Susan's Oor Wullie raised an amazing £22,000 on Tuesday 13th at the Oor Wullie auction which was held at the Rep Theatre in Dundee.  The grand total for the even was a staggering £883,000 with Susan's Oor Rabbie version in the top five.  Overall there were almost 70 different versions of the character created for this amazing fundraising event.  Proceeds will go to The Archie Foundation for a twin operating suite at Tayside Children's Hospital.  Susan's Oor Rabbie sculpture was purchased by Burntisland based Briggs Marine.  A spokeswoman for the Company said that they regularly give to a number of local charities and they saw this as a terrific opportunity to donate and purchase one of the Oor Wullie sculptures.

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