Susan Mcgill Designs

Brought to life by... Susan McGill, a successful ceramic artist who makes and decorates one-off pieces for a loyal and growing group of collectors. Susan McGill Designs is the response to customers’ frequently asked questions “Can I buy other products designed by you?” and “Can I buy your work on-line?” You can now.

If you are new to the Susan McGill phenomenon then watch out for her beautiful black and white designs: Scottish songs, sayings and proverbs, favourite words from poems by Robert Burns, Robert Louis Stevenson and more. They sit beautifully in any home. The only danger is that like other collectors of Susan McGill's work, you may find that one piece just isn’t enough. Susan is passionate about her ceramics and deisgn products. Each piece of ceramics is created and then decorated by Susan in her ceramic studio at her home in Kirkcaldy, Fife. All the design products are also designed exclusively by Susan McGill, all drawn out at her kitchen table.